insulated concrete forms
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ICF's allow for greater safety, ongoing savings and healthier, more comfortable living.
insulated concrete forms
Insulated concrete forms are like industrial sized lego blocks. Simply put, an ICF is a hollow, lightweight and interlocking form manufactured using expanded polystyrene (EPS). Each piece is stacked together into the desired shape, reinforced with steel rebar, then filled with concrete. Once poured, the wall is ready for drywall since the forms incorporate both insulation and strapping.

You will realize ongoing savings of 50 to 80% in heating and cooling costs, lower insurance rates and fewer maintenance costs.

An ICF structure stands up to winds of more than 200 mph, withstands fire up to 4 hours and ensures excellent seismic performance.

Building with ICF's create a superior airtight envelope that locks out mold and moisture, eliminates outside allergens and blocks outside noise. You will also have more comfortable living space below grade, adding to the livable square footage of your home.

Besides being good for you, ICF's are also good for the environment. Less natural resources are used in construction and fewer fossil fuels are used in heating and cooling.
iForm 45 from Reward Wall Systems
iForm straight from Reward Wall Systems
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