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Since the early 1990s the construction industry has been undergoing a major modernization with the introduction of ICFs -- insulated concrete forms. ICFs are an innovative wall building material that is rapidly replacing traditional wood-framed residential and commercial construction worldwide. One of the province's most influential pioneers in this industry movement is John Maguire.

Mr. Maguire's work with ICFs began in the early '90s when he worked alongside the original designer introducing this revolutionary product into the marketplace. Since then Mr. Maguire has been instrumental in implementing training programs for the proper installation of ICFs all across North America.

Alongside his wife Jean, they operate a distribution and construction company -- ICF Pro Store -- dedicated to developing the ICF market in Ontario through the training and education of its top custom home builders.

We have received several awards throughout our years of home building including the R-2000 Environmental Excellence Award and the Reward Wall Outstanding Residential Award! We can pass on our experience to help you create your structure with unequalled indoor air quality and sound proofing, superior durability against the elements and reduced heating, cooling and maintenance costs.

"I felt that the industry lacked a proper procedure when it came to installing ICFs," explains Mr. Maguire from his office in Grafton, Ontario. "Now many of experienced installers have been through my training programs."

ICF Pro Store carries the full Reward Wall Systems product line of insulated concrete forms. They work with any home plan, and are designed and produced to maximize constructablity and performance. Reward Wall Systems ICF’s have a proven track record from residential to high-rise commercial building. They also have the most overall code approvals in the ICF industry. All the forms come pre-assembled and are reversible.

ICF Pro Store also carries a full line of accessories which include low expansion foam, foam guns, tape, anchor bolts, foam plugs, waterproofing, mesh and parging, corner dowels, sloping brick ledge, pre made brick ledge reinforcement, specialty screws and floor insulation.

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