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Radiant floor heating system components
Radiant floor heating is comfortable and efficient. You'll be warm all over, from the feet up!
Radiant floor heating system components
Radiant floor heating system installation
Radiant floor heating systems circulate warm water through pipes located beneath your floor surface to radiate heat upward. Some of the advantages of radiant heating are:

- Greater economy! You can reduce your operating costs by as much as 30%!
- Healthy, quiet, clean operation with no blown-in forced air to distribute dust or pollen!

Radiant floor heating can be installed in a new home or to replace an existing system. It works with all types of floor coverings and can be used in a single room or throughout your entire home.

ICF Pro Store can help you design your system to insure the proper layout of the piping zones required. We carry under slab insulation as well as hydronic piping, manifolds and accessories.
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